Adapted Music Education

CODA MTS is unique in that our music therapists are also certified music teachers.  In addition to music therapy, we specialize in implementing adapted music education within special education settings.  We have developed adapted music education programs in multiple school districts and can adapt programs to suit all ranges of ability levels.  Additionally, we provide consultation services for music educators who need assistance implementing appropriate accommodations for students with special needs.

How does adapted music education differ from music therapy?
In music therapy, the therapist focuses on goals which are non-musical in nature, such as improving speech or social skills.  In adapted music education, the teacher/therapist focuses on improving musicality and expanding knowledge about music, but does it at a level appropriate to the students’ abilities and unique needs.

Is there a special certification for adapted music education?
No, at least here in Michigan, there is not currently specialized certification for adapted music education.  There is, however, certification available for Adapted Physical Education and we believe an adapted music education certification and statewide curriculum should be implemented to assure that all of Michigan’s students receive quality arts education programming.