Please Help Me Win a ROCKIN’ 30th Birthday Present!


One of our local news channels, Fox 47 News, is running a contest: “Tell us how music impacts your life…and WIN!”  The prize? Tickets to see Broadway musical ‘Memphis!’, dinner for two, a limo ride, and some hang out time with the cast.  To be honest, when I submitted my entry, my only thought was that if it opened even one pair of eyes to music therapy, it was a success.  However, between preparing for GLR 2012, wedding planning, and a plethora of other projects we have in the works here at CODA MTS, I have been more than slightly stressed out and could definitely use a night out with my darling fiancee!  Added bonus: it’s the week of my 30th birthday!

Here’s how you can help:
1) Follow this link.
2) Become a registered user, if you are not already.
3) Find #30 and select “Save Vote” (#30 + 30th birthday = fortunate coincidence?)
4) Share this post with your friends.
5) Sleep
6) Repeat steps 1-5.  In other words, you can vote once per day, so please come again tomorrow! 🙂

I greatly appreciate your help. Fingers crossed, birthday wish made!

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